Live Poetry Readings by The Poetry Box Poets - Videos:

Please Click on the Links to Youtube - listed below - to view Live Poetry Readings by a selection of 'The Poetry Box Magazine' poet-contributors - and - by the Winners and Finalists of: 'The Poetry Box Halloween Poetry Annual Award':

Bryony Jagger 

Bryony reads 2 of her Award-Winning Halloween-Themed Poems.

Filmed at:

The Poetry Box Studio & Garden, Nyewood, W. Sussex, England:



Award-winning and internationally published poet - Bryony Jagger - visiting The Poetry Box Studio & Garden in Nyewood, West Sussex,  all the way from New Zealand - reads two of her evocative and dramatic Award-winning Halloween-Themed poems published in 'The Poetry Box Magazine' - Edition No 35 - Publication Date: 30 April 2016.  

Bryony's poems are frequently published in 'The Poetry Box Magazine' and her Latest Poetry Collection: 'Howling At The Moon'  - is published by Heartbreak Publishing, New Zealand - and is Available To Order:  ISBN: 978-0-908991-25-9

Videos Filmed at The Poetry Box Studio & Garden: 4 May 2016

by: Merlynda Robinson - (Editor: The Poetry Box Magazine)

Miriam Clare

Miriam Clare Reads Her Award-Winning Halloween-Themed Poem: 'Curtains'

John Gallas

John Gallas - Winner of 'The Poetry Box Silver Cup Trophy Award 2013' Reads His Dark-Themed Award-Winning Poem: 

'Funeral At Salem'

And John Gallas (JayGee) is also the 2nd Prize-Winner of 'The Poetry Box Halloween Poetry Annual Award 2015' - And Reads His Wonderful Award-Winning Halloween-Themed Poem:

'Down Tallapike'

Anne Gaelan 

Anne Gaelan Reads Her Award-Winning Halloween-Themed Poem: 'Lakeside Lovers'

Tracey Hamilton

Tracey Hamilton Reads Her Award-Winning Halloween-Themed 

Poems: 'El Dia de los Muertos (Festival of the Dead)'

 - and - 'Halloween'

David Lightbown

David Lightbown Read His Award-Winning Halloween-Themed Poem: 'The Pendle Triangle'