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Comments Received From Poets

& Readers of The Poetry Box:


‘The Poetry Box Magazine’

 - Editor: LK Robinson -

"I must say I really enjoyed the last two Issues I received of 'The Poetry Box Magazine', the poems are outstandingly odd, the illustrations are great, I love the biographies, learning what makes people tick, it is the best poetry magazine I've read."

- Tim Holden - Poet - July 2014


I was absolutely chuffed to have received 

‘The Sinister Award’ in your March Edition for

my poem 'Coober Pedy'.  I plan to surprise my 

friends, poetical and otherwise, with having a

'sinister' poem published as they will think it is

entirely out of character for me.  In fact I am 

using 'sinister' in a poem I've drafted so thanks 

for the inspiration!  I am closely studying the 

artwork you sent, as it is simultaneously 

disturbing and enchanting - perhaps like the 

poems in Poetry Box publications???

It is evident how hard you work to promote 

poetry and poets, and your efforts are noticed 

and appreciated. Your passion for poetry in all 

its forms is remarkable. I am sure you will be 

very busy indeed in the coming months with 

your live readings, for which 

I wish you all the best.

Looking forward to our next correspondence.”

- Margaret Vos, Poet - April 2014

"Thank you, as always, for your feedback.

Your critiques are beautiful to read, as well

as being highly informative. I am delighted

 to have another poem published and have

 attached it below: I would be also very

interested in performing a recital at some

 point, please count me in!”

The feedback that I get from you is by far

the most in-depth, well written

and finely thought out that I receive.”


- Charlie Karno, Poet - May 2013

"Just to say Thank You for your encouraging and kind comments and to state my admiration of you. 

I really don't know how you fit it all in and also manage to edit and publish
'The Poetry Box Magazine Monthly'. 
But I am very grateful that you do. 
The Magazine has helped give me more confidence in my writing as you have always been positive about work I've submitted and seeing my poems in print within the Magazine is a real thrill. 
Thank you."
- Miriam Clare, Poet - May 2013

 "I   received the April 2013 Edition yesterday morning and I think the Cover Illustration is marvellous. The man in the Illustration is so very much like the image I had in mind when writing

'The Collector'. Brilliant.

As yet I have only read two poems, but would you please pass on to Miriam Clare that I take my hat off to her 'The Constant Companion'. Fantastic. 

If any of the remainer comes close to it 'The Poetry Box' will live Forever."


       - Jerry Prince, Poet - May 2013


 Just a quick note to say how surprised and pleased I was to win ‘The Sinister Poetry Award’, and Thanks too for related Certificate and Artwork.  As you may know, my First Collection, Nocturnes, is/was solely concerned with the night, so I love the idea of ‘The Poetry Box’, a Magazine specialising in Dark and Horror Themes - indeed I wanted to win ‘The Sinister Poetry Award’ the moment I read about it.  Am therefore over the moon, but darkly...  I also love your Comments on poems.  I hope you are getting what you want out of ‘The Poetry Box’; a Magazine a month is a tall order for any Editor/Publisher, so hope all continues to go well, that everything works out for you and that you continue to enjoy it.

Good on you.”

-        Will Kemp, Poet - March 2013


"The Sinister Poetry Award received – Thank You So Much – Very Unexpected!  Your picture (artwork) also appreciated – You are very talented.  I really look forward to reading the Magazine each month.  There is so much variety.  Thanks again."

-   Lynn Walton, Poet – August 2012 

"Another excellent ‘The Poetry Box.’


-        Robert Ensor, Poet – September 2012


Thank you so, so much for writing such a wonderful and deeply meaningful Book Review for me.  Your passion is so powerful and I am extremely grateful and touched that you have done this for me.  When I read the Comments by yourself and the others that have reviewed, it gives me great confidence that people can relate to the emotion and passion that I try to portray. I am happy to say that your review is actually up on my publishers website, so that is fantastic news, and they must have been suitably impressed with the power of your heartfelt comments.  I wait in anticipation for the October Edition (The Poetry Box Dark & Horror Poetry Magazine Monthly).”


-        Noel Stephen Evans, Poet

    -  October 2012

 The Poetry Box Magazine throws me back to a time when people loved to do their task in life - and not make it a job.

The expertise I viewed, and the enjoyment of reading other Poems was very much welcomed.

I am so pleased to be a part of ‘The Poetry Box Magazine’ and tomorrow it will be the hit topic of many conversations for me - Many will want to own their own copies soon!” 

-        Jack Sorenson, Poet – August 2012