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L.K. Barley Robinson:

'HORROR POETRY - A Pocket Collection'

A Brief Pocket Chapbook Collection of Gothic, Melodramatic & Fantasy Poetry (Poetry Booklet) for Adults

by L.K.Barley Robinson:



- A Pocket Collection -

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Title: 'HORROR POETRY - A Pocket Collection'(Chapbook)

by L.K. Barley Robinson(aka - 'Merlynda The Poet')

Publication Date: 1 September 2011

Publisher: Golden Arrow Players Press

Price: £2.50 Including P+P mainland UK (Overseas Orders Please Contact For Postage Costs)

Format: Chapbook (Poetry Booklet)

Barley The Poet & 'Duncan L DoLittle' Read 'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf' - A FairyTale-Poem For Bedtime - By Barley The Poet

£ 3.20 

A Halloween Verse-Fable: 'The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf' - Poetry Audio Book by Barley The Poet - including the vocal assistance of her Ventriloquist-Character and children's favourite naughty little boy: 'Duncan L DoLittle'

ISBN: 978-0-9542887-2-3

Format: CD

Price: £3.20 Including P&P mainland UK